“Bipartisan” Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan for Chaos if Trump Wins the Election

A group of “bipartisan” neoconservative Republicans and establishment Democrats have been “simulating” multiple catastrophic scenarios for the 2020 election, including a simulation where a clear victory by the incumbent provokes “unprecedented” measures, which the Biden campaign could take to foil a new Trump inauguration.

A group of Democratic Party insiders and former Obama and Clinton era officials as well as a cadre of “Never Trump” neoconservative Republicans have spent the past few months conducting simulations and “war games” regarding different 2020 election “doomsday” scenarios. 

Per several media reports on the group, called the Transition Integrity Project (TIP), they justify these exercises as specifically preparing for a scenario where President Trump loses the 2020 election and refuses to leave office, potentially resulting in a constitutional crisis. However, according to TIP’s own documents, even their simulations involving a “clear win” for Trump in the upcoming election resulted in a constitutional crisis, as they predicted that the Biden campaign would make bold moves aimed at securing the presidency, regardless of the election result. 

This is particularly troubling given that TIP has considerable ties to the Obama administration, where Biden served as Vice President, as well as several groups that are adamantly pro-Biden in addition to the Biden campaign itself. Indeed, the fact that a group of openly pro-Biden Washington insiders and former government officials have gamed out scenarios for possible election outcomes and their aftermath, all of which either ended with Biden becoming president or a constitutional crisis, suggest that powerful forces influencing the Biden campaign are pushing the former Vice President to refuse to concede the election even if he loses.

This, of course, gravely undercuts the TIP’s claim to be ensuring “integrity” in the presidential transition process and instead suggests that the group is openly planning on how to ensure that Trump leaves office regardless of the result or to manufacture the very constitutional crisis they claim to be preventing through their simulations. 

Such concerns are only magnified by the recent claims made by the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State under Obama, Hillary Clinton, that Biden “should not concede under any circumstances.” “I think this is going to drag out, and eventually I do believe he will win if we don’t give an inch, and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is,” Clinton continued during an interview with Showtime a little over a week ago. The results of the TIP’s simulations notably echo Clinton’s claims that Biden will “eventually” win if the process to determine the election outcome is “dragged out.”

The Uniparty’s “war games”

Members of the TIP met in June to conduct four “war games” that simulated “a dark 11 weeks between Election Day and Inauguration Day” in which “Trump and his Republican allies used every apparatus of government — the Postal Service, state lawmakers, the Justice Department, federal agents, and the military — to hold onto power, and Democrats took to the courts and the streets to try to stop it,” according to a report from The Boston Globe. However, one of those simulations, which examined what would transpire between Election Day and Inauguration Day in the event of a “clear Trump win,” shows that the TIP simulated not only how Republicans could use every option at their disposal to “hold onto power”, but also how Democrats could do so if the 2020 election result is not in their favor.

While some, mostly right-leaning media outlets, such as this article from The National Pulse, did note that the TIP’s simulations involved the Biden campaign refusing to concede, the actual document from TIP on the exercises revealed the specific moves the Biden campaign would take following a “clear win” for the Trump campaign. Unsurprisingly, these moves would greatly exacerbate current political tensions in the United States, an end result that the TIP claims they were created to avoid, gravely undercutting the official justification for their simulations as well as the group’s official reason for existing.

In the TIP’s “clear Trump win” scenario (see page 17), Joe Biden – played in the war game by John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager and chief of staff to former President Bill Clinton – retracted his election night concession and subsequently convinced “three states with Democratic governors – North Carolina, Wisconsin and Michigan – to ask for recounts.” Then, the governors of Wisconsin and Michigan “sent separate slates of electors to counter those sent by the state legislature” to the Electoral College, which Trump had won, in an attempt to undermine, if not prevent, that win.

Next, “the Biden campaign encouraged Western states, particularly California but also Oregon and Washington, and collectively known as “Cascadia,” to secede from the Union unless Congressional Republicans agreed to a set of structural reforms. (emphasis added)” Subsequently, “with advice from [former] President Obama,” the Biden campaign laid out those “reforms” as the following:

  1. Give statehood to Washington, DC and Puerto Rico
  2. Divide California into five states “to more accurately represent its population in the Senate”
  3. Require Supreme Court justices to retire at 70
  4. Eliminate the Electoral College

In other words, these “structural reforms” involve the creation of what essentially amounts to having the U.S. by composed 56 states, with the new states set to ensure a perpetual majority for Democrats, as only Democrat-majority areas (DC, Puerto Rico and California) are given statehood. Notably, in other scenarios where Biden won the Electoral College, Democrats did not support its elimination. 

Also notable is the fact that, in this simulation, the TIP blamed the Trump campaign for the Democrats’ decision to take the “provocative, unprecedented actions” laid out above, asserting that Trump’s campaign had “created the conditions to force the Biden campaign” into taking these actions by doing things like giving “an interview to The Intercept in which he [Trump] stated that he would have lost the election if Bernie Sanders had been nominated” instead of Biden as the Democratic presidential candidate. 

The TIP also claimed that the Trump campaign would seek to paint these “provocative, unpredecented actions” as “the Democrats attempting to orchestrate an illegal coup,” despite the fact that that is essentially what those actions entail. Indeed, in other simulations where the Trump campaign behaved along these lines, the TIP’s rhetoric about this category of extreme actions is decidedly different.

Yet, the simulated actions of the Biden campaign in this scenario did not end there, as the Biden campaign subsequently “provoked a breakdown in the joint session of Congress [on January 6th] by getting the House of Representatives to agree to award the presidency to Biden,” adding that this was “based on the alternative pro-Biden submissions sent by pro-Biden governors.” The Republican party obviously did not consent, noting that Trump had won the election through his Electoral College victory. The “clear Trump win” election simulation ended with no president-elect being inaugurated on January 20, with the TIP noting “it was unclear what the military would do in this situation.” 

Of course, some TIP members, including its co-founder Rosa Brooks – a former advisor to the Obama era Pentagon and currently a fellow at the “New America” think tank, have their preference for “what the military would do in this situation.” For instance, Brooks, writing less than 2 weeks after Trump’s inauguration in 2017, argued in Foreign Policythat “a military coup, or at least a refusal by military leaders to obey certain orders” was one of four possibilities for removing Trump from office prior to the 2020 election.

Who is behind the TIP?

The TIP was created in late 2019, allegedly “out of concern that the Trump Administration may seek to manipulate, ignore, undermine or disrupt the 2020 presidential election and transition process.” It was co-founded by Rosa Brooks and Nils Gilman and its current director is Zoe Hudson. Brooks, as previously mentioned, was an advisor to the Pentagon and the Hillary Clinton-led State Department during the Obama administration. She was also previously the general counsel to the President of the Open Society Institute, part of the Open Society Foundations (OSF), a controversial organization funded by billionaire George Soros. Zoe Hudson, who is TIP’s director, is also a former top figure at OSF, serving assenior policy analyst and liaison between the foundations and the U.S. government for 11 years.

OSF ties to the TIP are a red flag for a number of reasons, namely due to the fact that OSF and other Soros-funded organizations played a critical role in fomenting so-called “color revolutions” to overthrow non-aligned governments, particularly during the Obama administration. Examples of OSF’s ties to these manufactured “revolutions” include Ukraine in 2014 and the “Arab Spring,” which began in 2011 and saw several governments in the Middle East and North Africa that were troublesome to Western interests conveniently removed from power. 

Subsequent leaked emails revealed the cozy ties between Soros and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, including one email where Soros directed Clinton’s policy with respect to unrest in Albania, telling her that two things need to be done urgently,” which were to “bring the full weight of the international community to bear on Prime Minister Berisha” and appoint a senior European official as mediator.” Both “urgent” tasks were subsequently performed by Clinton, presumably at Soros’ behest.

In addition to her ties to the Obama administration and OSF, Brooks is currently a scholar at West Point’s Modern War Institute, where she focuses on “the relationship between the military and domestic policing” and also Georgetown’s Innovative Policing Program. She is a currently a key player in the documented OSF-led push to “capitalize” off of legitimate calls for police reform to justify the creation of a federalized police force under the guise of defunding and/or eliminating local police departments. Brooks’ interest in the “blurring line” between military and police is notable given her past advocacy of a military coup to remove Trump from office and the TIP’s subsequent conclusion that the military “may” have to step in if Trump manages to win the 2020 election, per the group’s “war games” described above.

Brooks is also a senior fellow at the think tank New America. New America’s mission statement notes that the organization is focused on “honestly confronting the challenges caused by rapid technological and social change, and seizing the opportunities those changes create.” It is largely funded by Silicon Valley billionaires, including Bill Gates (Microsoft), Eric Schmidt (Google), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Jeffrey Skoll and Pierre Omidyar (eBay). In addition, it has received millions directly from the U.S. State Department to research “ranking digital rights.” Notably, of these funders, Reid Hoffman was caught “meddling” in the most recent Democratic primary to undercut Bernie Sanders’ candidacy during the Iowa caucus and while others, such as Eric Schmidt and Pierre Omidyar, are known for their cozy ties to the Clinton family and even ties to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

The Never Trumpers

Aside from Brooks, the other co-founder of TIP is Nils Gilman, the current Vice President of Programs at the Berggruen Institute and, prior to that, worked for Salesforce, a major tech company and government contractor. Gilman is particularly focused on artificial intelligence and transhumanism, recently telling the New York Times that his work at the Berggruen Institute is focused on “building [a] transnational networks of philosophers + technologists + policy-makers + artists who are thinking about how A.I. and gene-editing are transfiguring what it means to be human.” Nicholas Berggruen, for whom the Berggruen Institute is named, is part of the billionaire-led faction, alongside Blackstone’s Steve Schwarzman and Eric Schmidt, who seek to develop A.I. and the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” in conjunction with the political leaders and economic elite of China. 

They are critics and rivals of those in the “nationalist” camp with respect to A.I. and China, who instead prefer to aggressively “leapfrog” China’s A.I. capabilities in order to maintain U.S. global hegemony as opposed to a “new order” promoted by Berggreun, Schmidt, Schwarzman and Henry Kissinger, another key member of the “cooperation” faction. The battle over the U.S.’ future A.I. policy with respect to China appears to be a major yet widely overlooked reason for some of the antipathy towards Trump by those in the “cooperation” faction, including those who employ TIP’s founders, given Trump’s tendency to, at least publicly, support “America First” policies and increased tensions with China. In contrast, the Biden family is invested in Chinese A.I. companies, suggesting that Biden would be more willing to pursue the interests of the “cooperation” faction than Trump.

While the identities of the TIP’s founders and current director have been made public, the full member list of the TIP has not. However, the TIP’s “sister” organization, called The National Task Force on Election Crises (NTFEC), does have a public membership list and several of its members are also known to be part of the TIP. Some of these overlapping members include Michael Chertoff, former head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Michael Steele, former chairman of the RNC and Lawrence Wilkerson, chief of staff to former Secretary of State, Colin Powell. Chertoff, Steele and Wilkerson, though Republicans, are part of the so-called “Never Trump” Republican faction, as are the TIP’s other known Republican members. Thus, while the “bipartisan” nature of TIP may be accurate in terms of party affiliation, all of known TIP’s members – regardless of party – are united in their opposition to another term for the current president.

Other known members of the TIP include David Frum (the Atlantic), William Kristol (Project for a New American Century, The Bulwark), Max Boot (the Washington Post), Donna Brazile (ex-DNC), John Podesta (former campaign manager – Clinton 2016), Chuck Hagel (former Secretary of Defense), Reed Galen (co-founder of the Lincoln Project) and Norm Ornstein (American Enterprise Institute).

Of their known members, the most outspoken is Lawrence Wilkerson, who has fashioned himself the group’s “unofficial” spokesperson, having done the majority of media interviews promoting the group and its “war games.” In an interview in late June with journalist Paul Jay, Wilkerson notes that the TIP lacks transparency and that, aside from their “war games,” their other activities are largely confidential.

He specifically stated that:

“There is some confidentiality about what we agreed to, and what we’ve put out publicly, and who’s responsible for that, and other aspects of our doing that. The Transition Integrity Project is to this point very, very close, whole, and confidential.”

In that same interview, Wilkerson also noted that the current “combination of events” involving the recent unrest in several U.S. cities, the coronavirus crisis, the national debate over the future of policing, the economic recession and the 2020 election was the foundation for a revolution in the U.S. He told Jay that:

“I want to say this is how things like 1917 and Russia, like 1979 and Tehran, and like 1789 in France. This is how these sorts of things get started. So we’ve got to be very careful about how we deal with these things. And that worries me because we don’t have a very careful individual in the White House.”

Pre-planned chaos – who benefits?

While it certainly is possible that, in the event of a clear Biden win, President Trump could refuse to leave the White House or take other actions that would challenge the faith of many Americans in the national election system. However, while the TIP claims to be specifically concerned about this eventuality and about “safe guarding” democracy without favoring either candidate, that is clearly not the case, as their simulation of a clear Trump win shows that extreme, “undemocratic” behavior, in their view, is permissible if it prevents another four years of Trump. Yet, this clear double standard reveals that an influential group of “bipartisan” insiders are intent on creating a “constitutional crisis” if Trump wins and are planning for such a crisis regardless of the 2020 election’s results.

Well before the TIP or any of their affiliated groups emerged to conduct these doomsday election simulations, other groups were similarly engaged in “war games” that predicted complete chaos in the U.S. on election day as well as the imposition of martial law in the U.S. following the emergence of unprecedented unrest and disarray in the country. 

Several of these I detailed in a series earlier this year, which mainly focused on the “Operation Blackout” simulationsconducted by the U.S.-Israeli company, Cybereason. That company has considerable ties to the U.S. and Israeli intelligence and its largest investor is Softbank. Notably, Softbank is named by the Eric Schmidt-led National Security Commission on AI (NSCAI) as forming the “backbone” of a global framework of A.I.-driven companies favored by the “cooperation” faction as a means of enacting the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” in cooperation with China’s economic and political elite. 

In addition to Cybereason, several mainstream media reports and a series of suspect “predictions” from U.S. intelligence and other federal agencies released last year had seeded the narrative that the 2020 election would not only fail spectacularly, but that U.S. democracy “would never recover.” Now, with the TIP’s simulations added to the mix and the advent of the previously predicted chaos throughout the country with the 2020 election just two months away, it is clear that the November 3rd election will not only be a complete disaster, but a pre-planned one.

The question then becomes, who benefits from complete chaos on and following the 2020 election? As the TIP suggested in several of their simulations, the post-election role of the military in terms of domestic policing, incidentally the exact expertise of the TIP’s co-founder Rosa Brooks, looms large, as most of the aforementioned doomsday election simulations ended with the imposition of martial law or the military “stepping in” to resolve order and oversee the transition.

The domestic framework for imposing martial law in the U.S., via “continuity of government” protocols, was activated earlier this year under the guise of the coronavirus crisis and it remains in effect. Now, a series of groups deeply tied to the Washington establishment and domestic and foreign intelligence agencies have predicted the exact ways in which to engineer a failed election and manipulate its aftermath.

Who would stand to benefit the most from the imposition of martial law in the United States? I would argue that one need look no further than the battle within Washington power factions over the future of AI, which has been deemed of critical importance to national security by the public sector, the private sector and prominent think tanks. The Schmidt-led NSCAI and other bodies determining the country’s AI policy plan to implement a series of policies that will be deeply resisted by most Americans – from the elimination of individual car ownership to the elimination of cash as well as the imposition of an Orwellian surveillance system, among other things.

All of these agendas have advanced under the guise of combatting coronavirus, but their advance can only continue to use that justification for so long. For groups like the NSCAI, Americans must welcome these AI-driven advances or else, even if it means Americans face losing their jobs or their civil liberties. Otherwise, these groups and their billionaire backers argue, the U.S. will be “left out” and “left behind” when it comes time to set the new global standards for AI technology, as the U.S. will then be left in the dust by China’s growing AI industry, which is fed by its own implementation of these technologies. 

By keeping Americans angry and distracted by the partisan divide through pre-planned election chaos, a “New America” waits in the wings – one that is coming regardless of what happens on election day. That is, of course, unless Americans quickly wake up to the ruse.

  1. I saw that Globe article when it came out and was rather surprised it did not get as much attention as it deserved, especially when coupled with what we know of Operation Blackout which I understand is being conducted now as state level exercises.

    My big picture view is the predatory elite wish to provoke an all out civil war between the 2 sides of the political divide. For what purpose? To create a new order one must destroy the old order. The Constitution needs to go, and the US needs to be dismembered into fewer and more manageable sovereign states, lets say 13. They tried to change the constitution in 1975 when they conceived Project Democracy but failed. A stop gap measure using FEMA and COG was used to circumvent the Constitution. They may try to hold these 13 super states as a loose Republic with a new Constitution free of rights, or maybe keep them divided and fighting among themselves like in Middle East and Balkans. I cant say

    In order to get the world to go along with a Global Government, they need to offer the US as a sacrifice and give the appearance it has been broken up, thus alleviating fears the US will dominate the new government. Of course the predatory elite who dominate the US will also dominate the Global Government

    As for the apparent conflict with China, I am not buying it. I feel this to be a Fake Cold War. Trump is a Trojan Horse and as pro China as anyone else before he wad elected but the US MIC needs an external enemy. Terrorism was losing steam and Russia is simply too small to be a credible threat alone or even teamed with Iran. China is big enough to keep the MIC well fed. At the higher levels among the Global Elite China is a partner and fully on board the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Agenda 2030 Sustainable Goals

    Maybe I am wrong but if The DNC and Never Trumpers really wanted Trump out they would have brought forward a more credible candidate and not pursued that ridiculous Russia Gate and promoting Lockdowns/Mask Mandates which Trump actively supports if you look past his rhetoric. Like I said. Trump=Trojan Horse. Master of Fake Wrestling and Kay Fabe. The King of Bankruptcy sent to break up and bankrupt the US

    Its going to be a wild ride the next few months and probably longer. From the ashes they will build their New World Order. Deagle.com says there will be 99 million left in US by 2026 (maybe the drop is from secessions, or maybe excess deaths or some combination).

    1. I have to disagree on the CCP being just a target for the MIC. The CCP is set on gangster activities like extortion (debt imperialism) drug trading and now they have covid on their hands. This New Cold War has been real for awhile but it is not fought with the MIC it is all ideology legal and media warfare

      1. China has been reliefing and outright forgiving debts to African nations for a very long time. Even the established and hawkish press acknowledges this. Nice try, moron!

    2. Kay Fabe wrote:
      “Deagle.com says there will be 99 million left in US by 2026 (maybe the drop is from secessions, or maybe excess deaths or some combination).”

      Kay, I cannot find the website, http://www.Deagle.com. Is that the correct URL?? Please help me.
      — Paul D. Bain

  2. As expected most of the people involved in this effort to steal democracy from the American public are Jews. Is it any wonder why Jews are so universally despised the World over? Stealing what belongs to other’s has always been in their nature – a part of their DNA.

    1. No! It’s not ‘jews’. It’s a certain group of people who happen to be Jews or not. Please don’t package people of a certain religion or ethical background in the same bag. It’s extremely dangerous to do that.
      Because you’re this or that doesn’t mean you’re evil or a follower of certain political or global agendas.

      1. First you must understand a couple of important things. Judaism itself isn’t inherently evil just like Islam itself is not. However there are different schools of thought within every releigion, and the sect of Jews who adhere to the Talmudic laws 100% also have a similar belief about non-Jews as radical muslims have about us “infidels”. But we’re not “infidels” we’re called “goyim” or cattle. Talmudic law specifically states that non-Jews are slightly more than animals but less than human. Trust me when I first heard about all of this I was still an ignorant little right wing Christian conservative kid who literally thought that the religious Jews were our friends and the muslims hated murrica for our freedom.

        Do yourself three favors, two of which sound reasonable, and the third one will probably leave a bad taste in your mouth, but trust me just do it:

        1) Look into what talmudic law says about goyim
        2) Look into the fortune 500 list of CEOs before the great CEO exodus of 2018 that’s still ongoing, you’d think that it would look similar to the demographics of the rest of the US… it certainly does not, also important to note I think almost every chairman of the federal reserve bank since its exception save for a couple were jewish
        3) This is going to sound crazy, but have you ever read any of Hitler’s speeches? In school we were taught that Hitler was an absolute madman who’s racist ideology and obsession with eugenics and the “perfect” human led him to exterminate those races that he perceived as “sub-human”. But if you look into the history of WWI, the Treaty of Versailles , the war reparations the global community foisted on to the German people that ended in such extreme hyperinflation that it was cheaper to burn your own cash than buy firewood with the cash to have a fire. Many speeches I’ve read that he gave mentioned almost nothing about Eugenics and racial superiortiy, almost all of it is about how jews had essentially wormed their way into the German and global financial systems and the soverignty of the german people was sold to them. He refers to the “international Jewry of finance” many times, and as hard as it is to swallow if you do some digging, he wasn’t really wrong.

        Do i think someone is awful becasuse they’re jewish either by ethnicity or religion? Absolutely not. But lets not be so scared to offend a certain demographic that we ignore all other truths. Its even more extremely dangerous to do that.

        1. Your seriously lacking in two things.
          1) Grace….
          2) Wisdom and knowledge
          The Jews did not elect themselves, they were Elected by God. Are they doing anything other races aren’t doing? NO! They just excel because of a special Grace given to them. Sure a lot of them do things that they shouldn’t and God will punish them but WOE to the ones which that punishment comes by.

          1. They were elected…by THEIR god, who is satan. Jesus Himself told them ‘they were of their father the devil’.
            How can a group who denies God be of His choosing? Wake up and smell the pizza moron.

          2. They were elected…by THEIR god, who is satan. Jesus Himself told them ‘they were of their father the devil’.
            How can a group who denies God be of His choosing?
            And yes, (((they))) are doing things that other races are not; the White race has invented nearly everything – the jew, not so much. THEN, the White race has turned around and given it away, sometimes even paying for other races to use our own inventions and largesse against us in misguided altruism. The White race has sought to elevate the other races. The White race has spent untold billions and billions of dollars and man hours to help the other races. The White race has attempted to bring the Gospel to them all, for their benefit. The jew has done naught but “steal kill and destroy” as Jesus warned us, cause wars and grow rich off of others stupidity and misery.
            Wake up and smell the pizza.

          3. >>>>The Jews did not elect themselves, they were Elected by God.

            They are fake Jews. The real Jews follow “The Way,’ which Yeshua preached, that is God’s teachings but since Jews reject Yeshua they don’t realize that God rejects them for they turn their eyes from him and he has now grafted a new bramch to the tree of life. Few Jews followed him in biblical times. In Christ there is niether Jew, nor Greek, nor Roman. Modern Jews reject Christ and follow, sometiems the Torah, though it wasn’t really written for Jews per say, as well as the Laurianic Cabala and Talmud. The latter two are satanic and think non-Jews are not human.

            For example, in Jewish law, if a sanhedrin or the noahide laws were established, worshipign Jesus would be idolatry and all worshipers would be beheaded.

            Go preach to Israel, a stolen state by secular revisionist Zionist terrorists, Yeshua’s teachings, they will stone and spit at you. They still do this today.

          4. >>>They just excel because of a special Grace given to them. Sure a lot of them do things that they shouldn’t and God will punish them but WOE to the ones which that punishment comes by.

            The Chosenites are chosen no more. They excel like anyone else, but certain Jews, the elitist Chabdnik and neoconservative ones excel because of Nepotism and criminality.

        2. Another top-notch! Thanks Whitney!

          Cite Hitler all you want. He was likely certifiable, and certainly craved power at all costs. He was inconsistent and contradictory in his views (see annefrank.org), including stating that both communism and capitalism were Jewish conspiracies. The Jews were held partly to blame for the loss in WW1, despite the fact that over 100,000 Jews fought for Germany.

          He clearly hated anyone “not pure” based upon ethnicity alone and characterized all people using a “high” to “low” scale. Within his quest of “highly rated” “pure” Germans, he further “dismissed” those with hereditary diseases, physical or mental disabilities, criminal background, alcoholism, etc. You must know that he personifies the dangers of a torn society, and the ease with which words can grab the masses.

          There was plenty of eugenics (hence racial superiority) behind the mass slaughter and culling that was perpetrated under his orders and watch, in Germany, and with American help. See related books and others by Edwin Black including:
          IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation.
          War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race.
          Nazi Nexus: America’s Corporate Connections to Hitler’s Holocaust.
          The Farhud: The Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust.

          The greatest threat in our society today is the rise of the MIC. This includes universities tied in with the CIA, for example. I have a draft National Student Bill of Rights at my site ourconstitution.info. My concerns as a fired whistleblower from a powerful University, med school, and likely still, second largest CIA hub, are documented there.

          I term it the education-medical-military (industrial), and they are killing people with “high-level” lethality – in/out of medical facilities. The military and FBI are involved. Biologics are used (one falls asleep after a meal, never fully waking again), among other chemicals that cause lethal “heart attacks”, elevated labs, etc. They are seeding cancer and falsifying tumor markers and other labs. Reasons include retaliation, hate, need for cadavers, parts (?), patient costs too much, more income to treat an advanced cancer than cure, experimentation, etc.

          I have recommendations for some safety measures at my site. Of course – we should all also be protesting against this hell – and demand that Eisenhower’s warning is heeded NOW.

          It is horrific that anyone is perpetrating this horror, but as a Jew, it is particularly shameful Jews are involved – in Yiddish we say a Shonda – a sin and disgrace. Non-Jews are involved as well … There are good, bad, and other in all groups, as you have referred. I have much documentation in the form of books (no cost) at my Home page. My email is there for any questions. If we don’t rein this in, nothing else will matter. Many of our reps, D and R, are bought and paid for by just these same powerful entities – Intel, the military, etc. We must get $ and parties out of politics. I think too, we should have military conscription – all have a say in our wars, weaponry, policies, and future… remain separate at Our Own Peril.

          1. Zionist Banner Decreed Official Jewish Flag by Nazis Jewish Telegraphic Agency January 2, 1936 BERLIN (Dec. 31):

            >>>>The Nazi authorities today decreed that the Zionist blue-white banner is the official Jewish flag and may be displayed under protection of the police throughout Germany.The decree is based on the flag law passed by the Reichstag at the Nuremberg session at which the anti-Jewish legislation was adopted. Jews are expressly forbidden by this law to display the German flag. “It is up to the Jewish nation,” the decree states, “to decide for itself which are to be the colors of the Jewish national flag, but until then the Zionists’ blue-white flag, together with the symbols of all the different Zionist groups, is valid in the Reich as the Jewish flag and as such will be enjoying State protection.”

            Adolf Schicklgruber (Adolf Hitler) wrote in the only NS authorised edition of Mein Kampf that Zionism was a great Jewish ideology. We will never know his true intentions but one can certainly make the argument that he utilised Zionism and observably propped it up for his own cause. Whether the transfer of Jews was a bargaining chip; it being, so they thought, the only feasible option that the international community such as the Red Cross would accept. Or, that it was the Balfour synthesis that the Zionists desired, a promise after WW1, that Britain never delivered on, but which Schicklgruber had, intentionally or unintentionally, fulfilled.

            The Jewish question was always that of expulsion (immoral of course), not annihilation. Many different regions, by the NS, all around the world, were considered. Thus, Thomas Dalton, PhD., writes:

            >>>>National Socialist policy toward a final solution (Endlösung) of the Jewish Question, which of course directly relate to our conception of the Holocaust. On the standard view, the entire Nazi leadership, Hitler above all, were rabid and irrational anti-Semites who would settle for nothing less than the mass murder of every Jew they could get their hands on. They allegedly pursued this objective even to the detriment of the war effort, as they rounded up and gassed Jews until the final few months. Their alleged 6 million victims were burned, buried or otherwise made to vanish, such that traces of just a mere fraction of these bodies have ever been found. There are, as we know, many problems with this account—far more than I can recount here [arithmetically impossible]. The interested reader should consult my own works The Holocaust: An Introduction (2016) or better, Debating the Holocaust (2015).

            And consider too the increasing number of Jewish emigrates to Palestine in the earlier part of the 20th century; due, partly because of the utter power Rothschild held in creating the ‘necessary’ documents that would lead to the Balfour agreement. An agreement that promised that Rothschild would persuade the US to fight alongside Britain against Germany in WW1, providing that a national home in Palestine was to be granted to Jews after the war. Britain, never fulfilled its promise. For they couldn’t; the land was already occupied. Occupied for thousands of years by a diverse group of people: Jews, Christians, the decedents of ancient Philistines and the Hebrews and Muslim arabs genetically related to an ancient group of people living in Israel well before the birth of Yeshua. A Jewish state had no right, or legal basis to exist in Palestine or Israel! It was a stab in the back. Not to Jews, for only a small minority of Jews in the diaspora actually concerned themselves with Zionism (precisely why Herzl despised the common assimilationist Jew, not to be mistaken with the modern day dual-national politically active Zionist Jew, living, for example, in the US but doing all in his power to prop up Israel, even at the expense of the host nation), but to Germans, who not only took the unnecessary brunt of the war reparations, if not all of it, when clearly, as evidenced in the book ‘1939: The War that had Many Fathers,’ all powers had a hand in instigating the War, but a nation that also lost to the victors markedly profitable lands. Lands occupied with majority ethnic Germans that were to be cut off from the fatherland. Germany, I must contend, although her goal was Lebensraum, it was only to obtain the land that she lost after the Great War. Taken all this into account, Schicklgruber, who had fought courageously in WW1, understood this stab in the back. But let us now critique his rise to power.

            Schicklgruber had the backing of Herzl’s political Zionist pupils as well as many of the German Zionist leaders, including in the initial stages of his rise, two Jewish owned German banks, one of whom was the leader of the German Zionist movement, as exposed by David Irving in his book ‘Hitler’s War.’ A parallel, not in ideology but in demographic to be considered, is John F. Kennedy’s rise to power. Although, Hitler’s initial rise is quite murky, Kennedy’s is not. Speaking to the mystery that surrounded Shicklgruber, John F. Kennedy writing in his postwar diary, wrote that:

            >>>>..after visiting these two places you can easily see how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. He had boundless ambition for his country, which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made,…

            …for histories sake, to keep it brief, Kennedy pandered and indulged the Zionists and Masonic corporations, he himself being an ELK member, a fraternal organisation, of whom Babe Ruth and the Soldier George Patton were also members, though JFK never obtained anywhere close to the degree of GRAND MASTER. JFK pandered and acquired the Jewish vote and the Zionist vote only to turn on the Zionist lobby ounce he became president. He strove to end Israel’s Nuclear program at all costs and wished to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces for its subversive activities. The parallel to Schicklgruber stops at Zionist backing but illustrates that Zionist backing does not mean control!

            We must also remember, 125,000 Jews fought for the reich, many of whom, did it to survive, for they loved their German homeland. And remember too, many German Jews also fought heroically for Germany during WW1. So, it would only be a likely outcome that many German Jews would remain loyal to Germany. The 125,000 figure demonstrates that not all Jews were against Hitler’s reich, and certainly hundreds of thousands, loyal or neutral to Schicklgruber’s cause, were left alone, either retiring on pensions, despite the discriminatory “racial” laws or drafted into the German army. And this can further be proven by those curious Jews that held very high positions of power in military and also around Adolf Schicklgruber himself. That stated, a quick reading through Goebbels diaries, born into a Catholic family, illustrates that he had many things to say about Jews, good and bad, but mostly bad, much of it mere criticism, some of it quite derogatory and albeit unsettling, and so too, much of it truthful and meaningful, though for a cause I personally do not support.

            Herzl and his pupils, like Schicklgruber (Hitler), were quite deragatory towards Jews, Herzl more so than Schicklgruber and based Jewishness on race as initialized in the Zionist World Congress transcripts. Transcripts, in which, like the beliefs of some National Socialists, were quite fond of race theories and eugenics–that is, “blood purity,” and sterilising the disabled, mentally ill, weak and sick or even outright disposing of them to maintain racial purity and “good stock.”

            These beliefs were tinkered with in the US, UK and Australia. Beliefs that were, again, very common during this time in elitist circles such as teh Fabian Socialists.

            Auspices which came from the warm seats of oligarchs in the west, unaffected, and even profiting off both sides of the war, included:


            ******************”Eugenics Congress”****************

            supported by these fine folk (many who played all sides during WW2):

            Rockefeller Foundation, Uncle Joe Stalin, Ilya Ivanov (Human/Ape Hybrids & Lysenkoism), Aldous Huxley, H.G. Wells, Margie Sanger, Adolf Hitler, Berty Russell, Tommy Malthus, Wiggam, Eugenics Congress, Fabian Society, Karl Marx, Chuckles the Kook Darwin, Galton “It’s a Religion!” Darwin, Lenny “Kill them ALL!” Darwin, Al Ploetz, Ernie Haeckel, Willy Schallmayer, Carnegie Foundation, Henry Goddard, Alexander Graham Bell, Johnny Kellogg, Winston Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt, George B. Shaw, Carl Sagan, IBM, Ollie Holmes, Pioneer Fund, Henry Ford, Zionist Corporations (Basel Congresses), Population Council, Standard Oil Company, IG Farben (3 Members who ended up on the American Board of Governors, of the Federal Reserve), Joe Mengele (T4 Unit), MK-Ultra, Dr. Franz J. Kallman (Human Genome Project & founder of American Eugenics Society), Holmesberg Prison Experiments, “Aboriginal Nutrition Experiments” (1942-1952 in Canada), “Chicago Plutonium Project”, “Boston Project”, “Fernald School Experiments” (Quaker Oats & MIT), “Alaskan Athabascan Eskimo” experiments, Dr. Eugene Saenger, “Tuskegee” or “Guatemala” Syphilis Experiments (40 YEARS worth), JP Morgan, Opel (General Motors), Ford A.G., Alcoa & Dow Chemical, Bendix Aviation, General Electric (Swope Plan), DuPont, Chase, Warburg Manhatten & National City Bank, I.T.T (Telephone & Focke-Wulfe), American Express, Frederick Osborn…

            American Eugenics Society’s (AES) 1956 membership records, which includes a Planned Parenthood co-founder, Margaret Sanger, and at least two presidents, William Vogt and Alan Guttmacher.

            AES members assisted Hitler in crafting the 1933 German sterilization laws.

            Unbelievably, in 1956— after WWII—the AES membership list included Dr. Otmar Frieherr Von Verschuer.

            Frederick Osborn was put in charge of the Population Council, a group organized and funded by John D. Rockefeller III. In 1956, Osborn addressed the British eugenics society. Osborn affirmed his belief in “Galton’s dream” and proposed what he called “voluntary unconscious selection” by changing laws, customs and social expectations.

            The entire basis for eugenics is evolution, the most resistance we encounter is from religious scruples.”

            Leonard Darwin,”What is Eugenics?”, 1932.


            Kofoid Collection, Volume 44,1926.

            Co-Ordination of Our Educational Institutions. Dr. Ed Magill, 1896.

            A Study of Child-Nature from the THE KINDERGARTEN STANDPOINT”, by Elizabeth Harrison, 1895.

            Collected Papers”, by Henry Fairfield Osborn, 1893-1927

            The Quarterly Journal of ECONOMICS, November, 1911.

            American Journal of Eugenics 1-3, 1907.

            Office of Strategic Services Report: R&A #3114.4


            The truth really isn’t out there, it’s in a book you are too lazy to read.

            — The Captain Slappy

            End quote

            Hitler’s rhetoric might be coming from a totally opposite place than Herzl’s. As Herzl, in his memiors, found that pogroms and persecution of Jews; and so too, befriending anti-Judaics would be the ONLY way, the only pretext in which to build a Jewish state.

            Is there more to all of this?

            Certainly, the Nazi decree, quoteed in the introductory paragraph, whatever its hidden intentions, bolstered the Zionist cause.

            Now, suppose there is a group of neofascist Freemasons, the Gelli, Mussolini types. Those who would happily bomb and kill communists or even innocent civilians to instill fear in the minds of the citizens. The ‘Strategy of Tension’ operation it would be titled in Italy which was merely a NATO ‘Stay Behind’ operation.

            A further fact. The p-2 lodge wasn’t some rouge Freemasonic lodge that had no connections to the “benign” masonic corporations in the US like mainstream historians contend.

            For the Italian author, Michelle Metta, proved, in his book, via FOIA released top-secret documents that the southern and northern Freemasonic jurisdications in the US both signed an anti-JFK pact between the neofascist P-2 lodge in Italy. The southern Grand master of US freemasonry was there to sign the pact as was the leader of the Grand Orient of Italy and, interestingly, a US Protestant preacher, who was later exposed to be not only a CIA agent but also a Zionist and Freemason. The p-2 lodge was filled with former Mussolini fascists, military-men, bankers, businessmen, Likudnik ZIonists as well as former National Socialists. And as we know from Metta’s book, these members, at least those who were on the board of CMC (World Trade Center) and World Brotherhood Inc., worked directly with the revisionist Zionist Likudniks in Israel. All working in stride with the CIA as their boss.

            I won’t go so far as to say Hitler was a part of this alliance, but many of his Operation PaperClip pupils were, probably because they had no other choice and they had just as much reason to fight communism after they lost the war, despite the allies propping up communism to destroy Germany. Surely, this Hitler propped up Zionism, and surely he kicked out the Rothschilds from Germany. Arresting them at ransom. And surely too, Hitler worked with wealthy zionists to transfer Jews to Palestine in the Haavara Agreement. We know all of this! And surely these fascist Freemasons would fit right in with the NS.

            What I find more bizzare is that Hitler has many photos were he is displaying Freemasonic grips. Are these simply the masks of another secret society copying Freemasons, or was Hitler a Freemason of some sort himself? Surely, Freemasonry worked with the Likud, and surely the Mossad was started by a few former National Socialists. So, who really knows.

        3. >>> Judaism itself isn’t inherently evil

          Judaism is a religion based on the holocaustianity religion, which the Likud has openly admited to. Judaism is also a religion baed on many Holy and supremacist books. It is also an ethno-nationalist movement in part, because of the founding of Israel based on Jewish terrorism of the Palestinians and even native Jews living among muslims and christians, and due to a persecution complex. Zionism is blood-based and racist.

          They reject Christ’s teachings and Christ. That is, the modern religon of Judaism which is pharisism and rabbinicalism based on Torah and Talmud as well as Messianic hasidism with the Laurianic cabbala mixed in. The Cabbala and Talmud say Yeshua is rotting is feces and that Mary was a whore and that non-Jews have lesser souls than a cow. Search anything concerning Rabbi Kook or the National Religious Party of Israel.

          Then you have ZIoCon Jews, neoconservative atheistical Jews and the Rabbi Dov Zakheim’s of the world that again, think non-Jews are not human.

          The Chabadnicks in their own Laurianic cabala teach that the non-Jew was only born to serve the Jew through wealth creating, meaning wage slavery for the benefit of the Jew. Read Israel Shakah, a Jew, he exposes this dangerous Jewish messianism.

        1. There’s a reason The Founders wanted a neutral position on religion. Smart people they were. No sane or rational person would agree with you. It is quite clear to most of us that there are good and bad in all groups, and dangerously generalizing like you have, is antithetical to Our Constitution and the ideal of all working together. We do all need to speak up when we see wrong-doing. You have a right to your opinion, but those around you should be warning you against such generalized hate.

          History is a bear we must learn from… There is a Declaration of Human Rights, and everyone deserves these protections. Disputes and wars have involved many people from lands all-over, including our own Indigenous. Are we going to revisit and change all these maps? I think an important step would be to get $ and parties OUT of politics. We are going backwards with this current vicious, counterproductive duopoly, when we could be doing much good for the World. Our representatives are bought and paid for, often by the same powerful entities (Intel, military) that they are supposed to oversee.

          Truman: “They spend billions of dollars on stirring up trouble so they’ll have something to report on…” See pages 7 (Truman), 75 of “HUMANITY’S ABYSS…” and those links and concerns for an America rapidly descending into a hell unlike any other, ever, on Earth. See page 39, a Shonda – a sin and disgrace – that fellow Jews (and non-Jews) have perpetrated, and including “both parties”. We have begun that steep and treacherous descent…ourconstitution.info.

          Because of their belief in a separation of church and state, the framers of the Constitution favored
          a neutral posture toward religion. The members of the Constitutional Convention, the group charged with
          authoring the Constitution, believed that the government should have no power to influence its citizens
          toward or away from a religion. The principle of separating church from state was integral to the framers’
          understanding of religious freedom.

  3. It’s all cookin , by November it will be very intense .
    My captcha was D6PA
    This year has been crazy
    Is Whitney Webb even real ?
    Infinity hangout

  4. “provokes “unprecedented” measures, which the Biden campaign could take to foil a new Trump inauguration”

    Translation – the will of the people ()which is what the vote is means exactly noting in the USA.
    Have force will use it – it’s the American way.

  5. There are no Ds or Rs. This is a coordinated takeover scenario by the party-less, which should be anyone smart enough to open the paper.

    1. I’ve been literally dealing with trying to get this through all my friends and loved ones heads ever since covid hit pretty much, and ever since I noticed that the Republican establishment who many of my R friends look up to and admire hated and bashed Trump all the time.
      I’ve been fed up with the two party system before I was even old enough to vote, so when I saw that both Republicans and Dems in their respective establishments didn’t want Trump around, I knew he was doing something that threatened the hold on power both parties have over our political system. Think about this, so many other countries have 3 or more parties represented at least somewhere in their legislative branch if they have one. We only have two that both swear to us that their ideologically opposed, yet once they get elected they all do the same bullcrap, endless conflicts around the globe, irresponsible spending, crony capitalism, the list goes on and on.

      How do you control a large group of people? Give them two options and watch them squabble while you and the other option laugh your way to election day. Every time I say anything about Democrats, people immediately start labeling me as a Fox news guzzling conservative racist when nothing can be further from the truth. That right there means they already won. If you’re not with us, you’re against us, blah blah blah.

      There are no Ds or Rs anymore, you’re right. Those are just labels that make it easier for those who would subvert our political process to do so, and prevent anyone not easily controlled from entering the race at all. There’s a reason there hasn’t been a 3 way presidential debate since Ross Perot.

      1. I also noticed a long time ago that no matter which party was elected to office, the over-all trajectory of policy and even most of the finer details, none of it changed any to speak of. It told me that the whole business was being run by an over-arching “group”. How specifically organized or composed of a specific membership, I possess no knowledge of. It’s presence is strongly implied by the continuity of policy, much of which is often opposed by the public at large if you go by opinion polls. This obvious implication is probably why the term “deep state” has gotten so popular.

        Whitney does yeoman’s work to expose the workings of the “Deep State” like nobody’s business.

  6. wow! superb article Ms.Webb. the deep state bipartisan coup against Trump isn’t giving up, and the clearly ongoing civil war between the rival oligarchs in which the planet and all of us who live on it are the losers is clearly ongoing. Shocked that Lawrence Wilkerson you would think he’s had enough of being associated with these fleas in both the Democrats and Republicans and someone who wants détente with Russia and China would know better after Iraq not get in bed with these repugnant creeps but I guess he’s a pseudo-leftist and given he’s now a deep state agent anything else he says one shouldn’t even take him with a grain of salt. Important article Ms.Webb. no doubt Pro-Trump people will use this as Unlimited Hangout endorses Trump but I’ll make it clear. Ms.Webb hates the deep state and like me would like to see it vanquished and not replaced with anything. Trump is not draining he swamp he empowered and put other members in it that said even if Trump wins through voter suppression like last time, or wins democratically with a mandate no one should ever endorse the deep state and we should be protesting against behavior like this. the deep state is against all freedom and self-determination regardless if its democratic left governments or democratic rightist governments. protest it now!

  7. “By keeping Americans angry and distracted by the partisan divide through pre-planned election chaos, a “New America” waits in the wings – one that is coming regardless of what happens on election day. That is, of course, unless Americans quickly wake up to the ruse.”
    This article addresses how some in our country are working to circumvent the integrity and outcome of our election process. In doing so, these efforts can threaten the very future of our constitutional republic. If we can’t trust our election process, we do not have a representative government. No matter which side of the aisle you are on, this should concern us all.

  8. re: “the Biden campaign would make bold moves aimed at securing the presidency, regardless of the election result”

    They can try. The U.S. has ~300M guns in the hands of ~100M people. That’s only a best guess. Sixty-two percent of gun owners voted for Trump, according to data from the 2016 American National Election Studies (ANES). If they want Civil War, they may get it. And if that happens, all bets are off. TIP members along with everyone else will be dodging bullets, starving and longing for the good old days under Trump.

    The idea that the military is going to enter the fray and start gunning down Americans who don’t get on board with a coup is ludicrous. Soldiers are Americans too. They have families. If you want to have military discipline go out the window, tell them that they have to gun down Americans to ensure that Biden is sworn in over the elected Trump.

    Then there are the courts, which, in a contested election, will be the ultimate arbiters. The SC has already shown in Bush v. Gore that they will overrule a state SC and stop a recount.

    So no matter what tactic they try there will be a counter move that they cannot control. They may succeed in opening Pandora’s box but that’s about it. As Mike Tyson said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

  9. The “coup” of the uniparty will be in shifting the Senate to the democrats. The run for the White House is all but settled and is nothing more than a diversion. Prove me wrong.

  10. @Donald Wilkerson
    Yes, and just because they received a homeland (Learn about that.) in 1948 that does not mean they are there by the blessing of the A!mighty. They made a covenant with Him very many years ago to receive a homeland on certain conditions which they have not honored. Thus, I believe, sad as it may be, that they are yet to receive propitiation for having not honored that covenant.

  11. Wow. The nutty Protocols folks have crawled out of the woodwork.

    You want to know who is the real “enemy” of US democracy? Evangelicals, not Jews. They have been working for years to turn the US into a fundamentalist theocracy. Study Calvinism and Dominionism. Study the history of the Early Church. Don’t bother throwing Biblical quotes back, that is called “circular reasoning.”

    All religions are mythology.

  12. Articles like these always end with some variation of ‘unless Americans wake up in time’. Ruined, I’m afraid, means ruined. Most of the ‘world’ is mentally and spiritually ruined. That cake left out in the rain….

  13. Well Whitney, it is now Friday, and the predicted (by knowledgeable sources like FiveThirtyEight.com ) has come to pass. With mail in ballots FINALLY being counted in key states Biden is all but assured of taking Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona – and there will be a recount before he is declared the winner in Georgia.

    Who is screaming, threatening to not concede, and has supporters determined to shed blood for him? Who was castigated for lying from the Presidential podium about winning – and his opponent cheating, without a shred of evidence? And where is this ‘election chaos’ coming from?

    You would do well to reconsider your positions.

  14. Regarding the closing comment about a “New America”: Actually, it would be a “New US”; there is nothing American about this scheme, except that it is completely un-American.

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