COVID-19 and Central Bank Digital Slavery with John Titus

In this episode, Whitney is joined by John Titus of BestEvidence to discuss how Central Banks and Wall Street Banks have used the COVID-19 crisis to launch a “silent takeover” of the wealth and assets of regular Americans and what these banks plan for the post-COVID era, from CBDCs to “green” finance.
Originally published on 10/14/21.

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  1. Larry & Carstens Excellent Pandemic is indeed the best evidence that equities are being directly monetized by the Fed through Blackrock. Who needs to build a better mousetrap (in fact, who needs customers at all) when profits are materialized artificially by the Fed. This allows our “guardians of inclusive capitalism” to exterminate those pesky unwashed, unwoke masses, while the Fed serves up fake profits to the 1%.
    I still say the answer to this sociopathic dilemma is for individual states to operate outside this hyperinflationary system with sovereign state crypto. Bitcoin is not the answer. But it paved the wave for the correct solution.

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