Sanctions & the End of a Financial Era with John Titus

In this episode, Whitney and John Titus of BestEvidence discuss the major financial shifts that have occurred since the Ukraine-Russia conflict exploded in late February, including Western sanctions, the coming end of the dollar, the CBDC agenda in both Russia and the West and the “endgame” of the financial elites.

Originally published 04/13/22.

Links discussed:

Financial Services Company DTCC Working With Digital Dollar Project on CBDC Prototype
This Week In Credit Card News: Democrats Push For A Digital Dollar; Buy Now, Pay Later Expands To Gas Stations
U.S. securities processor launches digital dollar study | Reuters
Russia’s Largest Bank Silently Rolled Out Native Cryptocurrency Sbercoin
State Duma of Russia Proposed Replacing the Fiat Ruble with a Digital One – Oreanda-News
The central bank takeover of Russia – Edward Slavsquat
Did Jeffrey Epstein personally set off the financial crash of 2008?, by Steve Sailer – The Unz Review
Iain Davis Global Public-Private Partnership Chart
Ending Anonymity: Why the WEF’s Partnership Against Cybercrime Threatens the Future of Privacy
Another Mega Group Spy Scandal? Samanage, Sabotage, And The SolarWinds Hack

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