Consolidating Control with Catherine Austin Fitts

Whitney is joined by Catherine Austin Fitts to discuss the current financial situation and what to expect in the short term, why the US government is using the crisis to push for greater bank consolidation, the FedNow service and the role commercial banks are set to play after the rollout of CBDCs.

Originally published 04/18/23.

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Links Discussed:

Links from Catherine
Solari – I want to stop CBDCs What Can I Do?
How to Find a Local Bank – Solari Report
Financial Rebellion Episode 31 Where to Stash Your Cash – Catherine Austin Fitts
Mind Control Tactics Used on Young People and Children (and Everyone Else) – Solari Report

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00:02:23: SVB crisis & Government response
00:15:10: Regulatory efforts on Crypto
00:22:07: Policy push to get money into ‘Too Big To Fail’ banks
00:25:57: Bank consolidation timeline
00:29:42: How much damage will be done before the plan fails?
00:31:46: Surveillance through wearables and healthcare
00:34:25: I Want to Stop CBDCs – What Can I Do? – Solari Report
00:35:14: Article- “Why You Should Destroy Your Smart Phone Now”
00:38:48: Mind Control – Mind Control Tactics Used on Young People and Children (and Everyone Else) – Solari Report
00:40:45: Fear trap
00:43:58: Mental atrophy/ChatGPT
00:47:17: Federal Reserve short term outlook
00:50:32: FedNow
00:52:11: “FedNow’s rollout might get complicated by misinformation”
00:58:53: “The Red Button Story” – Solari
01:04:23: Shift from Dollar to Global Reserve currency
01:10:01: Chapwood Index
01:14:43: Commercial Banks & CBDCs
01:18:52: How to prepare financially

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