Facts on the Ground Panel Discussion

Featuring guests: Dr. Piers Robinson, Max Blumenthal, Cory Morningstar, Nick Hudson, Whitney Webb, Ryan Christian, and Rick Munn.

Also available on Rokfin.
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  1. a great and insightful talk, many many thanks for your work and perseverance. I’ve suspected that the ‘Sovietization’ of the world was always the agenda for many many years now. and that it would manifest as a two-tier system of faux-Marxism for the masses interfacing and regulated by a centralized A.I. control grid owned by the Stalinist-ic mega-corps. If this comes about say, over the next 50 years, then anybody born after its inception would never know of its existence and how it came about. ‘Logan’s Run’ springs to mind. (a bit naive, i know). much love and god-speed. x

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