Met Police Invokes “National Security” about Epstein Meeting with US Senators in the UK 

A Freedom of Information request filed by UH in connection with Whitney Webb’s upcoming book was blocked by UK Metropolitan police on “national security” grounds. The request sought information on the two sitting US Senators who met with Jeffrey Epstein at a Wexner-owned residence in the UK, a meeting where Met Police officers had provided security.

In connection with Whitney Webb’s upcoming book on the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, One Nation Under Blackmail, Unlimited Hangout filed a Freedom of Information request asking UK law enforcement and the Ministry of Defence the identity of two sitting US senators who were present at Foxcote House in North Warwickshire, UK on September 1, 2002. UH contributor Johnny Vedmore had previously obtained information from eyewitnesses of that meeting that, not only were two US Senators present at that location that day, but that Metropolitan Police officers had supplied security for the meeting. The FOI request was filed to Metropolitan Police, the UK Ministry of Defence and North Warwickshire Police and only a response from the Metropolitan Police was received.

The motive for UH’s FOI request is as follows. It is known that Jeffrey Epstein, as attested to by Epstein’s flight logs, was present in this part of the UK during this same period (from August 31, 2002 to September 2, 2002) and eyewitnesses saw him attend this specific meeting at this location with two attractive and glamorously dressed women on each arm. One of these women was Nicole Junkermann, a former model and apparent intelligence asset as revealed in Vedmore’s previous investigative work. The other woman was described by eyewitnesses as a tall brunette. Per those eyewitness accounts, Epstein personally escorted the two women into the room where the two senators were waiting.

Notably the house where this meeting took place, Foxcote House, has been owned by the family of Leslie Wexner, specifically his wife Abigail Wexner, since 1999. Wexner’s role in financing much of Jeffrey Epstein’s activities, legal and illegal, is a major focus of Webb’s upcoming book and Wexner has encountered considerable difficulty in explaining away his relationship with Epstein, despite the largely servile posture of mainstream media in this regard.

Given the circumstances, it seems highly likely that this meeting was a high-profile instance of Jeffrey Epstein engaging in the sexual blackmail of sitting American politicians. However, due to the well-known scandal around Jeffrey Epstein, his name was not used in our FOI request in order to avoid potentially “spiking” the response.

Despite the omission of Epstein’s name, Metropolitan Police responded to the request stating that they can “neither confirm nor deny whether it holds” the requested information. Their response goes on to state that confirming or denying “whether any United States of America (USA) senators were afforded protection could undermine the safeguarding of national security.” It also notes that it blocked providing the requested information on four other grounds aside from “national security” (five in total), including “international relations”, “law enforcement”, “health and safety”, and “personal information.” It also states that providing the requested information could place “those who are afforded protection, protection officers and members of the public at risk.”

Screenshot of the response from Met Police

UH has since re-filed a new, related FOI request asking why Metropolitan Police officers were providing protection to a meeting where Jeffrey Epstein was present, since his criminal activities are undeniable.

  1. I plan on purchasing ten copies of your book and mailing each one to a specific friend and family member that believes what they hear and see on legacy media.
    Thanks for your hard work and courage Ms. Webb!

  2. Don’t let that speed bump stop you! It’s an admission of guilt on the part of the UK to use that old saw.

  3. As always, fantastic work Whitney. I know you probably got a kick out the Met and their ‘over-explaining’ their denial of your requests, I’m sure it will only push you harder and focus your resolve even more. Again, excellent work and thank you, truly, for the extremely important work you do and do so incredibly well. You are an inspiration to humanity and a model of what being a damn good investigative journalist, writer and researcher is all about, bravo WW…

  4. Citizens must work seriously on their lazy decency bias and be willing to face what they have permitted to go on and on with little opposition.
    Victoria’s Secret was a nasty bit of retail from the day it opened…the music and subliminal messaging made it very hard for men and older boys to even walk past. Ho many wondered what sort of mind thought of all that?

    1. I hope you don’t mind if I steal your phrase “lazy decency bias” – it is probably a better term than I use. People don’t engage too well when I tell them the reason they think things I talk about are conspiracy theories and I respond with, “that is how this all continues, because Americans are stupid”.

      Lazy decency bias is probably more accurate, too.

  5. Surely there is a way to find what senators were where and when? It would be a uphill investigation, but seems Whitney is good at that. Hopefully, these owned entities will be outed. Whitney…Thanks for your efforts to uncover these rats and their escapades.

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