One Nation Under Blackmail

In this episode, Whitney gives an overview of her upcoming book One Nation Under Blackmail, discussing in general terms what the book covers, its thesis, and what it hopes to accomplish. Also addressed are some frequently asked questions about shipping, an audiobook version, etc.
Originally published 08/10/22.

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Questions about the book?

The book is now 2 volumes. Volume 1 will be published on September 22, 2022.
Pre-orders are available now from TrineDay. Stay tuned for details as the publisher works out these logistical changes.

eBook pre-order available before 09/22/22 release date.
Audiobook will be released sometime after the book- no known date.

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Podcast Timestamps

01:47 Why Is The Book So Long?
03.16 Placing Epstein In The Network
04:28 What Is This Network?
06:24 The Enterprise
07:37 Bruce Hemmings Quote
13:50 Structure Of The Book
17:05 Key Businessmen Linked To The Mob
19:14 1920s And 30s, Organized Crime In New York politics
24:25 Epstein’s connections In The 80s And Watergate
25:57 The Private CIA
28:54 William Casey
31:54 Iran Contra
33:00 Savings And Loans
35:46 Bill Clinton, Arkansas, Mena
36:19 Robert Maxwell And Promis Software
40:37 Weapons Plan
42:55 Part One Ends – Reagan, Franklin Scandal, Airlines
46:06 Epstein’s Early Life Through Bear Stearns
46:27 Epstein And Real Estate
49:15 Les Wexner
51:01 Death Of Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell
52.12 Epstein’s Visits To The White House
54.57 Southern Air Transport
01:01:54 Global Power Structures
01.04.58 Israel-China Relationship
01:09:18 Tied In With Prince Andrew
01:10:36 Southern Air Transport, Early WH Visits, Sex Trafficking operation
01:12:52 Prince Andrew/Post Clinton Presidency
01:14:06 Silicon Valley
01:14:52 Summary
01:21:10 Logistical Details

Full episode available on RokfinSoundCloudOdyseeArchive.orgApple, and all podcast platforms.

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